Organizar bodas en Toledo

When you decide to have a destination wedding, things i your mind come up, like not knowing well the place, being far away, doing a lot of research, not being able to fly there before the wedding…

Don’t worry about it, because a destination wedding planner is the option for you, she will take care of everything and make sure you have the wedding of your dreams.

We are going to tell you 5 reasons to hire a destination wedding planner :

1. Destination wedding planners have experience and know well the location

Your destination wedding planner can be your eyes and ears at the location and somehow be your corresponsal there. She can give you recommendations nd guide you the best way possible. When it comes to organize your wedding, the last thing you want is to do research, and waste a lot of  time searching for the best venue or place to celebrate the wedding. Your planner will be able to help you by giving you different options and take you directly to the best places for you.

2. They know the best vendors and will make you save money

A destination wedding planner has a lot of knowledge when it comes to vendors, and most important the right vendors. They have experience and the option to propose to you and recommend you about different good options. She wants your wedding to be as good as possible. There is also the price thing, Not only do they know how much a service should cost in the area, but they may also be able to get you discounts and agreements with the local vendors.

3. They will do the heavy research and hard work for you

The less things and work you have to do, the better. You may find yourself overwhelmed by all the things a wedding has to plan and the amount of options there are to choose from. A destination wedding planner will simplify things for you and make it all go smoothly for you. You will only have to decide the option you want.

4. They are always there to solve doubts, and give you advice

They get it, planning a destination wedding can be sometimes stressful, adding the fact that you are far away from where the wedding is going to be. But that is their job, to make things easier for you. Do not hesitate in asking your destination wedding planner all the doubts, questions or worries that you have. She will be your closest contact during a year or so, you may even become friends. Your wedding will be much more memorable and meaningful with her.

5. They can make your guests experience much better

It is possible that your guests never been to the location before, and also use the wedding as an excuse to choose their vacations there. Your destination wedding planner can arrange hotels, bookings, tell them places to visit or activities to do in the area. They can give you and your guests some recommendations for food, accommodation, places to visit…

In Siempre Eterno we are specialized in destination weddings, especially in Spain. If you are thinking of hiring a destination wedding planner in Spain, you are in the right place. We have plenty of years experience in destination weddings and our knowledge in English allows us to do all the organization and communications with you in english.


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